The winners




This project aims to bridge the generation gap by focusing on "lifestyle" via multimedia. Young and elderly people will exchange experiences in an accessible and informal way.




Vacances à domicile



ASBL Comité de quartier l'Ilon

Des voix par-delà les âges (voices of all ages)



ASBL Confédération parascolaire

Papy, Mamy, faut qu'on parle!

Through a camera lens, young and elderly people will share their views on social topics. By exchanging stories and interviewing each other, the participants will discover points of divergence and convergence on hot topics. By getting to know each other better, they will become more interested in each other, and this will promote intergenerational dialogue.



ASBL Les Ateliers d'Art Contemporain

'Aux arbres citoyens'



ASBL Chance pour tous

En piste !




T R I V I A - the godess who shows people the way when they reach a crossroads

An initiative for young and elderly people which promotes intergenerational dialog through a process of learning and sharing experience.




Toi + Moi + Tous ceux qui le veulent...



vzw Katholieke Hogeschool Zuid-West-VLaanderen campus Tielt departement lerarenopleiding - PHO

Resurrecting forgotten heroes, heritage as a meeting place to promote social cohesion and intergenerational contacts in a neighborhood; a focus on native and immigrant children, parents, grandparents and local residents in a school environment.



VZW Present Caritas vrijwilligerswerk

The old and young together: hip hop versus the waltz.



VZW Centrum voor Motorisch Gehandicapten De Heide

Digital Familial



Ziekenzorg CM




Mariënstede VZW

Piano Meccano

Using the piano to promote solidarity between young and elderly people, with and without a disability.



W.Z.C. Sint-Jozef

A digital database of intergenerational activities for education and care for the elderly.



ASBL Association pour l’Innovation en Orthopédagogie

Le Conte familial - promoting dialogue between the different generations of a family



Jeugd, Cultuur en Wetenschap vzw (JCW)

Ask a…(m/w;young/old)



EduCentrum vzw

Twist IT



ASBL Centre culturel du Brabant wallon

My generation my tv



VZW woonzorgcentrum Lindelo

Lindelo "ont-moet!"



ASBL L'Etincelle

Intergenerational project



ASBL Le Collectif des Femmes Africaines du Hainaut

link between immigrant parents and their Belgian children



ASBL Association Cultures & Progrès

The intergenerational dialog: a framework for solidarity and the social inclusion of "mamans" and Brussels youth of East African origin.



ASBL Basta Cosi





de buurt te boek



ASBL La Porte Ouverte Visétoise

Older people will pass on their cycling passion and expertise to the younger generations, thanks to new multimedia technologies.



ASBL La Maison des Seniors

'Pixels à tout âge' (pixels at any age)

To enable an encounter between young and elderly people through the management of analog and digital photos. The young people will introduce the elder to the new technologies. The photos will serve as a topic for collaboration and exchanges between the generations about the past, present and future.



Kap Seniors

Kap Seniors

Kap Seniors is a new student housing project on the site of Louvain la Neuve, which aims to promote intergenerational relations through various activities involving students and the elderly. For instance, the organization of an annual party for the elderly, initations to the new technologies, organization of conferences, walks, etc.



ASBL Entr'âges

son geste (sound gesture)



ASBL Alternative Culture, 'association belge de la culture et des savoirs'

J'ai un peu d'avance

Regionaal Landschap Lage Kempen vzw

Nature for young and old



crefi vzw




JAVI vzw

Young and elderly people will share the wisdom they have acquired in life, and their personal mottos, in the 11 villages of Deinze via a film, performance and exhibition



VZW Prevent




Vormingplus Limburg

Computing for young and old



Cosmos Excelsior vzw

Discovery of Belgium by native and immigrant elderly and teenage people.



Assembl'âges© vzw

Young and elderly people: together on the computer





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